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Cover of Urban Shots Edited by Paritosh Uttam

Cover of Dreams in Prussian Blue by Paritosh Uttam

Shobha De

Shobha De (b. 1948), was born in Maharashtra, and did her education in Delhi and Bombay. After graduating with a degree in psychology from St. Xavier’s, she began her career as a journalist in the 1970s.Photograph of Shobha De

She is rarely out of the news, be it as the first editor of gossipy magazines Stardust or Society, as a socialite, or for her best selling novels. Her novels, racy and raunchy in style and content, are trashed by serious critics, but the numbers they sell make her one of the most widely read English novelists in India.

Shobha De has seen it all: life as a model, a copywriter, a journalist, a socialite, a scriptwriter, a novelist, a busy mother (she has six children) among other things, and will continue to make or report news.


  • Strange Obsession
  • Snapshots
  • Second Thoughts
  • Selective Memory: Stories from My Life
  • Surviving Men
  • Speedpost
  • Sultry Days
  • Starry Nights
  • Sisters
  • Socialite Evenings
  • Spouse: The Truth About Marriage
  • Superstar India