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Cover of Urban Shots Edited by Paritosh Uttam

Cover of Dreams in Prussian Blue by Paritosh Uttam

Urban Shots - Bright LightsUrban Shots - Bright Lights, to be brought out by Grey Oak in Jan 2012, is a short story collection that I have edited and also contributed one story to.

Dreams in Prussian Blue, published by Penguin India as one of its Metro Reads series in January 2010, is my first published novel.

It is the story of a young unmarried Mumbai couple Michael and Naina, who rush into a relationship, impatient to begin the journey of their life together. When Michael goes blind in an accident, it not only wrecks his ambitious dreams of making it big as an artist, but also forces both to question the choices they have made.

I hope you will find Dreams in Prussian Blue a breezy, engaging read, as well as a satisfying literary experience.

The book is available in major bookstores in India and also for purchase online.

Elsewhere on this website: details of my other writing credits and a selection of published short stories; a record of all the reading I have ever indulged in; a section on Indian writers in English; and a brief autobiographical sketch.

Paritosh Uttam

Photograph of Paritosh Uttam
Dreams in Prussian Blue is my first published novel. Urban Shots and Urban Shots - Bright Lights are short story anthologies that I have edited and contributed several stories too. I am currently working on my next novel.